Claude & Louise FourieSomeone once called me a SAHD – I was like…’I’m not Sad!’ and they explained: ‘Stay at Home Dad’. I thought it’s a pity it sounds sad because its probably the happiest job in the world. My wife and I are both stay at home parents ‘SAHP’s’ – oh boy! that sounds even worse 😦

After months of procrastination I’ve decided to start this blog. We create videos for our Family Channel FourieFamCam but for months now I’ve become frustrated with the limitations of a YouTube video. Many times there is so much more we want to say. Hopefully this blog will allow us to do just that.

We love our viewers and I know our readers will also become part of our great big International Family. So subscribe to the blog, check out our videos – please comment, we’d love to hear from you!