Disney’s Magic Kingdom – Hidden Mickey Clues

disney-680246A fun way to enjoy your Disney experience is to look out for or even hunt down the hidden Mickeys scattered throughout all the parks. It is not certain just how many of these hidden Mickey’s there are and Disney won’t spoil the fun either – but they do say that there are thousands. Some locals have made it their life’s mission trying to locate these and we can see why – its super fun and addictive.

So if you have the time and not trying to cram as many rides and activities into your Disney World visit, try looking for a few and see if the Hidden Mickey force is strong with you!

To get you started we’ve included a few clues here:

  • By the end of Main Street next to Cinderella’s Castle is a nicely landscaped section where there is a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. Around the base of the statue, there are flowers encircled by a rail. The shadow of the detail in the rail forms a hidden Mickey. You can see this hidden Mickey in the morning before noon.
  • At this same statue, there is a Mickey ring on Walt’s hand.
  • At the right time of the afternoon or early evening, the sun will cast a hidden Mickey shadow on the ground from the street lamps that surround the entrance to Main Street U.S.A
  • The bridles on the Trolley Car horses on Main Street have a couple of Hidden Mickey’s.
  • On Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, as you are about to re-enter the train station at the end of the ride, look over to the right of the track. There are three rusty gears lying on the grass that form the shape of a Mickey head. 
  • On the Pirate’s of the Caribbean attraction, look for hidden Mickeys on the ironwork on the bottom of the four lamps on the left side. 
  • As mentioned above, look for Mickey lying on his back in the pink clouds to the right of the Zip-A-Dee Lady paddle wheeler in the steamboat scene of the attraction. 
  • On It’s A Small World, in the Africa scene, look for a hidden Mickey in the purple flowers on a vine on the elephant’s left side.
  • In the Haunted Mansion attraction banquet scene, as you are looking down at the ghosts dancing around – pay special attention to the plate arrangement on the banquet table!
  • Also on the Haunted Mansion, in the graveyard scene, the left hand of the Grim Reaper forms a Mickey outline with his fingers. 
  • On the Jungle Cruise attraction, in the dark temple, look at the steps – there are three plates among the treasure that form a hidden Mickey!
  • Also, as you exit the Cambodian temple, pay special attention to the third column from the end as you come out of the tunnel. This column has a chipped brick on the third block from the ceiling, revealing a hidden Minnie Mouse head!
  • If you are outside the Yankee Trader Shop, look for a hidden Mickey on the ground. A water utility cover serves as Mickey’s head, while two hoof prints engraved in the cement serve as his ears. 
  • On the Carousel of Progress, there are several hidden Mickeys, including: a Sorcerer Mickey abstract painting on the dining room wall, a plush Mickey hiding amongst the presents under the Christmas tree and a Nutcracker Mickey that sits on the fireplace mantel – all in the last scene of the ride.
  • During the fireworks show at the end of the day, look for a hidden Mickey illuminated on the tallest tower of Cinderella Castle.

Experiencing the Magic which is Disney is a once in a lifetime experience for many families out there. We’ve put together a list of 20 Hacks/Tips to help you make the most of your experience at Magic Kingdom.

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