What is the FOURIE Fitness Challenge?

The Good

Louise and I met when we were still in high school. She was 16 and I was 17 years old and we fell madly in love. I like to think that I was in pretty good shape back then as I was bodybuilding and competing in competitions.

Thats what attracted me to Claude at first. His amazing body and then his confidence in himself. Not to mention his good looks and sense of humor  –  Louise

Louise was modelling and I thought she was so beautiful but it was only when we got to talking with each other and I found out that she wanted the same things out of life that I wanted – that I became totally smitten with her.

We fell in love during our first conversation while on a safari in Namibia and that same night I told my father – ‘I’m going to marry this girl!’ He thought I was nuts at the time – but everyone quickly discovered how strong our affections were for each other.

After studying and working in Italy together we both returned home to get married and have our first daughter Gabriella.

The Bad

Claude. Louise gave birth to our first child aged 19 and I was only 21 so you can imagine the sudden pressure of responsibility. Going to the gym became a thing of the past and as I devoted myself to making money to support my family I quickly fell into some nasty eating habits. What made it worse is that my office was directly opposite a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise and the constant smell of deep fried chicken haunted me throughout my working day. Delicious sweet and sour KFC burgers and tangy chicken pieces became an every day binge. I quickly watched my my slim waist and six pack turn into a family size KFC bucket.

Louise. Being quite young and falling pregnant was scary but also exciting at the same time. As much as I was excited about growing old with my daughter and being a young mom I also prayed this wouldn’t mean I had to give up on some of my dreams, like travelling. I will be the first to admit that being a little in-experienced I put on a little too much weight for my first baby. Losing the excess weight was not nearly as hard as accepting the long-term after effects that childbirth had on my body.

I just saw it as a small price to pay for the most wonderful gift in the world. But it still effected my confidence and getting into a swimsuit was something I tried to avoid after that.

The Ugly

As I am sure every one of you can agree – Life happens, you go up, you go down and you get older! After 5 babies, one of which we adopted and the youngest which we just celebrated 5 months ago I can honestly say we feel the following:

tired, sleep-deprived, overweight, de-motivated, foggy, uncomfortable, tubby, blurred, overfed, dreary, wearisome, lackluster, run-down, fat, not sexy, muddled, unassertive

Now please don’t get us wrong. We love our children, without our children we wouldn’t have much of a life as our kids are everything to us. I don’t believe its having 5 children that make a person feel this way about yourself. I really feel it starts with one’s mental attitude towards your body.

Little by little as we passed through our twenties and into our thirties we began to get lazy. Somewhere along the way we stopped caring so much about our bodies and focused more on our kids and bonding with our babies. Slowly I started realizing – well, I guess I’ll never have a 6-pack, be a professional athlete or look like those amazing fitness models on Instagram. This surrendering slowly turns into lethargy and eventually you find yourself in the place I currently find myself now.

I love my wife more than the first day I fell in love with her. She is more beautiful to me now then she was at any of the many ages, stages and looks that she has had over the past 2 decades. You know what it’s like – you sort of grow up in your thirties. You gradually stop caring what people think about your body or your looks and you finally start accepting who you are. I think this is healthy and good. But – at some point acceptance became nonchalance and although we love each other as man and wife and our love surpasses physical appearance.

We still long for the confidence of having a healthy, energetic and fit body that is attractive to each other. For having ample reserves of energy to spend quality time with our children, be motivated in our work and vigorous in the bedroom!

And that is what has inspired us to challenge ourselves with a 12 week Fitness challenge. Its time to take back what’s ours! It’s time to get fit in body and in mind and we’re inviting you along with us on this exciting journey!

The Fourie Fitness Challenge

Starting on the 1st September 2017 Claude & Louise Fourie will be commencing a 12 week Fitness Challenge to change their bodies, minds and health. The Challenge will be Vlogged & journaled on their YouTube channel: FourieFamCam

Each week the couple will weigh themselves, video blog their progress, take their viewers through their workouts, eating plans and share their ups and downs of the whole experience. The Challenge takes place in the Fourie’s current residence in Italy and will end with a final weigh-in in the United States.

The couple is inviting viewers and readers around the world to partici pate in the challenge with them.

The Goals

This challenge is not just about losing weight as that would be easy – just stop eating for a few day! We want to achieve a variety of goals and change our lifestyle so that these goals are maintainable long term.

The Challenge will start with a body weigh-in. We will then follow a healthy diet and workout routine for 12 weeks with the overall goal of losing 12% of our bodyweight by the end of the challenge. Our aim is to lose between 1-2 pounds / 800grams – 1kg a week. Louise is breast-feeding so she will take special care in weight loss program.

Midway through our 12 week challenge is the Venice Marathon. We will train for 7 weeks and prepare for a 10km / 6.2 mile marathon in Venice, Italy.

Besides losing bodyweight which could comfortably be achieved by diet we want to also look good in our swimsuits (and of course, naked!) So we will be trying out various workout and training regimes. As a youngster I followed a very traditional weight training program and so together we have never tried yoga, HIIT (high intensity interval training), aerobics, fartlek training and a few others which we will discover and share with our viewers and readers. We would like to incorporate some fun training methods for parents such as training with a stroller and fun family aerobics.

By eating right and taking healthy supplements we hope to boost our energy levels so that we are able to complete our 12 week challenge. But also so that we are energized for our jobs our babies and our love life.

what happens if we dont achieve our goals?

It wouldn’t be a challenge if there was no driving motivation or reward in the end right! Well, apart from looking and feeling great we wanted to make the challenge fun by setting up a Forfeit Penalty which the loser will have to complete in the USA. This forfeit penalty must be uncomfortable, embarrassing or extremely scary for the loser. Follow the challenge on YouTube to learn what the forfeit penalty will be!

what will the challenge consist of?

We want to learn and experience this challenge together with our viewers so everything will be recorded for YouTube.


A healthy diet will be one of the most important factors in achieving the goals of this challenge and so we will create a diet plan to follow. Explore healthy, low calorie recipes. Post articles on dieting tips from experts.


We want to try a variety of exercises and techniques to see what is the most effective for our bodies. You can follow along on our weekly workout videos.

Weekly weigh-in

Every Friday we will weigh ourselves to see how much weight we have lost or gained! Our aim is to lose between 1-2 pounds / 800grams to 1kg a week.

Journal Cam

This is a personal, confession and reflection time where we get real with the camera and our audience about that week’s ups and downs, challenges and goals for the week ahead.

Health & Fitness Product Reviews

As consumers we are bombarded by infomercials and ‘lose weight fast’ gimmicks and so our aim as experienced YouTube reviewers will be to cut through the crap and see what actually works.

The Sponsors

This challenge would not be possible without the support of these Top International Sponsors who will be supporting the us during the challenge. Click on each brand to visit their website:


Get the Fourie Fitness Challenge Supplement Pack

International Protein has created supplement packs of the exact supplements we will be taking during our 12 week challenge. If you’re taking up the challenge go check out what we’ll be supplementing our diet with:

Order Your Challenge Pack in these Locations:

USA                           Canada                           U.K                           Europe                           Asia

Join the Challenge

We are inviting you to join us on our Fitness challenge. Whether you start with us on the 1st of September or months later – the invitation is free and open to anyone all year round!

Apart from the weekly videos on our YouTube channel we will be posting on this blog and sending special giveaways, tips and recipes to people who join the challenge. Subscribe here to the Challenge mailing list to keep informed:


Everybody’s body reacts differently to exercise and diet and so we ask you to please take precautions and listen to your body! The Fourie Fitness Challenge content is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and is not to be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, or course of action. As with all exercise programs, diets and fitness activities you should consult with a medical professional before commencing. By performing any fitness exercises, following any diet you are performing them at your own risk.  The Fourie’s and the Fourie Fitness Challenge will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of any content you may follow or participate in. 

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