10 Baby Products I Use Every Day!

This is not a paid promotion. Some of these items we purchased, some where given as gifts and some were sent for sponsored videos on our YouTube channel. This is our honest opinion.

Take a walk through a baby store and you’ll be overwhelmed with choice. Apart from the obvious items you need to care for your new little bundle of joy there is also a huge variety of new innovations in the baby and toddler sector. While quite a few items can best be described as well sold gimmicks, there are many new and exciting developments that will make your life as a parent so much easier.

Here is a list of 10 most used baby products in our household. Some we’ve had and used since our baby was a newborn and some we just received recently but can’t believe its taken us this long to get hold of one.

Every one of these items gets used every day in our house:

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumpareoo

This has been a favorite in our home for our oldest baby and now our newest one. I am amazed that its survived 2 babies which shows how durable and well made it is. The fabric seat that holds the baby can spin around so when baby gets bored with the toy display in front of him or her just spinning them around to face any of the 5 different displays will keep them entertained. The height is adjustable and we found our sons were able to sit comfortably with their toes touching the floor from about 4 months onwards – but this will vary with each child. The toy dashboard does take 3 AA batteries which plays music for 4 continues minutes or plays sound effects when baby spins the toy drum. Our boy jumps quite rigorously on the Jumparoo and the vertical beams do move so don’t get afraid that the whole thing will cave-in. It is easy to construct or take apart. It’s quite light and though a little awkward to move intact it is not difficult. Personally we make use of the Jumparoo at least 7 times a day depending on our baby boy’s energy level and if I just need to put him somewhere safe and stimulating while I get a few things done.

Price on Amazon: $54,39  Buy here

2. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

Our baby of 6 months has used this since newborn and is now on all fours on the play mat. I put a few toys on the mat and it occupies him for at least 30 minutes to an hour. I love the fabrics they’ve used in this product as they’re super soft but also the beautiful prints are not so striking and over the top that the Activity Gym can comfortably be left in your living area and not clash with your decor – if you’re style minded 🙂 The removable plush toys can be moved into different positions on the cross beams. The toys are quite fun and include a musical sheep, light-up star, cloud squeaker, bird rattle and baby-safe sunshine mirror. The great thing is you can purchase additional plush toys for the Activity Gym – so baby never gets bored. The tummy time pillow is great and we used it as a head pillow until our baby could lie comfortably on his tummy. I know I mentioned this with the previous product but if you’re a parent you’ll probably get this – any safe place you can put your baby that will entertain them for a little time is such a back and time saver for an active parent.

Price on Amazon: $79,99 Buy here

3. Tiny Love Classic Developmental Mobile

There are a few baby products that every parent can say ‘that saved my life!’. I know it sounds like an exaggeration but when someone messes with your sleep, trust me – things get serious 😉 We’ve used this mobile for both babies and could see that they became more and more interested in the mobile, probably from about 1 month old. I love the way this mobile is designed allowing little plastic bobbles to slide and slip along the arms. The black and white spiral patterns are stimulating for baby’s eyesight and the cute plush toys are playful and interesting for baby. I personally find the music and sound options to be the best part of the mobile. We have so many sound producing products that are supposed to soothe a baby but this one does the job every time and with the volume option you can leave it on for 20 minutes while you try get some shut eye. The extending arm with mobile can be removed so only the sound box remains for older babies. Another big + for me is how easy this screws onto any crib. I’ve even screwed it onto a stroller before. It’s pretty durable as well as my older son climbed into baby’s crib the other day and tried pulling at the mobile and it survived the attack.

Price on Amazon: $44,99  Buy Here

4. Stokke Trip Trap

The Tripp Trapp is by no means a new invention. In fact it’s been around since 1972. Invented by Scandinavian designer Peter Opsvik it has maintained its popularity and stayed true to Stokke’s values of useability through the ages – from baby up to adulthood. On first appearance it seems awfully simple. But theres something behind the Scandinavian minimalism design and one realizes this as soon as you start using the Tripp Trapp. The optional extra baby set is a must and the baby and junior cushions are something to consider as well. We have 2 Tripp Trapps in our home, one for each baby. Our youngest was able to sit in the Tripp Trapp with the baby set from as young as 4/5 months. Depending on your baby’s development and comfort level they should be able to make use of the Tripp Trapp when they can comfortably sit and support their body & head. Stokke is one of the most expensive baby brands out there but people often forget how many good years of use each Stokke product boasts and when you consider how many baby chairs, toddler booster seats and eventually chairs for an adult you will buy in your lifetime, a Stokke investment starts to make a lot of sense. The little plastic inserts on the back of the chair ensures it will not flip over. Our older baby has sneakily climbed into the chair himself without any wobble or shake form the chair. We love the design of the chair as it allows baby to sit at the dinner table with us and be included in our family meal and conversation.

Tripp Trapp + Baby Set + Tray – Price on Amazon: $367,00   Buy Here

5. Angelcare Bath Support

I’ve always showered or bathed with my babies and enjoy it as a fun bonding time. The Angelcare Bath Support is great as the ventilated softer plastic back support allows any excess water to drain from the shell back into the tub. The support area in front keeps baby secure and that’s even with some rigorous water kicking from my little one. Every parent has some form of fear or anxiety over their baby’s safety and mine is that my baby will drown. So I am always super careful with any of my babies and children when it comes to water. The Angelcare bath has certainly given me peace of mind, but even though it is secure I never take my eyes off my baby while it is in the bath support.

Price on Amazon: $24,99  Buy here

6. Milk Snob Modern Swaddle

This one depends on your baby but our newest addition absolutely loves his Milk Snob swaddle. We used it immediately after he was born and brought him home in it and he has never stopped enjoying being wrapped up in it. I use it as a breastfeeding cover and we often throw it over his stroller if he’s in the sun. I’m noticing that the older he get’s he’s wanting to be swaddled less and less so now he enjoys it more as a blanket. I think he prefers it to other blankets because it’s super soft made of 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton muslin fabric. As I type this he’s lying in his rocker with his Milk Snob swaddle wrapped around his waist chewing on the corner of it.

Price on Amazon: $24,00 Buy Here

7. Joovy Boob Baby Bottle

I’m not sure if your little one is the same but my two are quite fussy about what bottle they get their milk from. I don’t know if its the nipple design, the weight of the bottle, shape or design but they both have had their preferences. My older baby has always preferred his MAM anti-colic bottles [Find on Amazon] While our youngest certainly prefers his Joovy PPSU bottles. The smaller bottle he was able to hold by himself from quite young and now that he is a little older he is able to hold the larger bottle on his own too. One of this bottles features is the Cleanflow vent system which is a little plastic ring part that slots into the top of the bottle. This allows air to flow in through 4 evenly spaced openings. I’ve forgotten the vent a few times in my half-sleep state and milk has leaked all over the place. Although I find this little plastic vent ring irritating at times it really does do the job and is probably the reason my baby loves his bottle. I’ve also noticed that the bottle seems to maintain its temperature throughout each feeding. This bottle comes in a few varieties, including glass.

Price on Amazon: $21,00  Buy Here

8.  Charlie Crane LEVO BABY Rocker

Now I know there are 100’s of rockers on the market packed full of features and technology. Unfortunately I can’t speak for any of these but I can say that the one we have has been used on a daily basis and it’s used a lot! Apart from the fact that it’s a stylish piece of furniture that goes well with our home decor it is super functional as well. Our baby takes his naps in it, plays in it and enjoys sitting in it watching his brother’s shenanigans. I must be honest and say that this rocker doesn’t really rock much. If you want it to rock you will need to do so yourself, manually. The security harness works well and even though he twists and turns sometimes to get out of it he can’t when the harness is securely fastened. I think this Rocker is great but there are many good rockers available so any rocker that suits your budget would be a good investment in my opinion.

Purchase direct from Charlie Crane: €199 Buy Here

9. Snugglebundl

This is probably one you’ve not heard of. I must admit, at first glance I thought to myself – no, not another gimmick! After we had a chance to use our 2 Snugglebundl’s for a few months I decided that if I ever did a video on some essential items every new mom & dad should have this would make it onto my list. O.K so now that you’re interested let me explain. It’s not a baby carrier and thats probably the first mistake people make when they see this product. It’s used to lift baby from one thing to another, so from car seat to stroller or stroller to arms and arms to crib. Why is this even necessary you ask? Well, I asked the same question until I tried it on my son and saw for the first time how he continued sleeping from car to stroller to crib without stirring or waking up once! The crazy thing with this product is whenever our baby struggled to get to sleep as soon as we put him in his snugglebundl and lifted it just a few inches off his mattress and rocked it a little he went straight to sleep. It kind of makes a cocoon or nest and with neck support built in it ensures that the neck is in perfect position when moving baby. I am so glad we were introduced to this innovative new baby product.

Price on Amazon $79,99 Buy Here

10. Gumigem Teething Toys

Gumigem is so confident that their top seller teething toys will become your baby’s favorite toys that if they aren’t they offer a full money back guarantee. That takes a huge amount of confidence if you ask me. Of their wide variety of non toxic, washable high grade silicone toys our two sons love the bubba bath bag the most. Our oldest loves the bag which he fills with water and watches it drain out the bottom while our youngest loves finding the sinking chewable fishies at the bottom of the bath before popping them in his mouth for a good chew. They also fancy the remote control, keys and credit card when playing around in the living room. We throw these chewable toys in the dishwasher to keep them hygienic. They also make a fashionable range of chewable jewellry which will take some of the wear off of your necklaces and sunglasses.

Buy Direct from Gumigem, Bubba Bath Bag £29,95  Buy Here

These are just a few of our favorite baby products that make a difference in our day to day lives. To learn about more innovative baby gear and some older classics check out our YouTube channel’s Baby Gear playlist.


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