Fourie Fitness Challenge Diet Plan

First things first! If you don’t know what we’re talking about when we say ‘Challenge’ you need to first visit this page on the blog, here

Once you’re all caught up on the Fourie Fitness Challenge and you’ve got your trainers on and ready to get fit – read this article:

lets make this easy!

The Aim with the Fourie Fitness challenge is to adapt the exercises and diet to your current lifestyle. Asking someone to make drastic changes in their daily schedule or responsibilities – on a long-term basis is very hard to maintain.

Sure, if you wanna hit the exercises and diet hard for a few weeks or even perhaps for the 12 weeks of this challenge and then go onto a maintenance plan – that’s fine. But for our challenge we wanted to first write down things that we enjoyed, things we knew realistically we couldn’t change, things we liked and things we thought we could change – 

  • in schedule
  • in responsibility
  • in diet


For our schedule we are fortunate enough to have a very open day without needing to commute or go to an office or anything like that. So we had the freedom of choosing when we would workout and when we could fit in our meals. For yourself you may need to think about your typical daily schedule and work out when you will be able to take a break for a quick run, yoga session. You may also want to try waking up a little earlier in the morning to try fitting in some cardio in your day.

Tips for Dieting when you have Little to NO Time!

  • Baby Steps! Even a little is a lot. Don’t feel like you have to commit all your time, diet and effort. Change what you can each day as your time and schedule allows.
  • Don’t Skip Meals. It’s easy to get carried away with the day and the busyness of life and find yourself at the end of the day having not eaten anything. This slows down your metabolism and makes your body hold onto everything you put in it. Try eat at least 3 meals but aim for as much as 6 meals a day.
  • A Meal is Not a Feast! To try and get in as many as 6 meals into your day you don’t have to eat big portions. A simple healthy snack or protein shake will constitute a meal.
  • Get Active! Try to be more active in everything you do! Walking is an activity, so walk more! Fitness trackers like the Fit Bit are fantastic tools to get you thinking about your activity.
  • Stand Up! When faced with the option to sit or stand. Stand!
  • Drink Up! Drink more water! Very few people drink the recommended water intake of 8 – 10 glasses a day. You actually need 11 – 15 cups a day but you can also get a lot of water from the food you consume.
  • Off time. Everyone has off time. You know that time that you spend on the sofa binge watching your favorite television series. Why not do something more fitness related. If you cant part with your tv at least buy a treadmill you can setup in front of the tv.
  • It’s a Family Affair. Try get your partner and family involved in your lifestyle change. Go for family walks or hikes. Or signup at the local public swimming pool.
  • High Intensity Workouts are workouts that are shorter in duration but just as much hard work, if not harder, than regular workouts.
  • Get Inspired. Follow FourieFamCam on Instagram and check out a load of other Fitness Motivation pages on social media to keep yourself inspired.
  • Alcohol in Moderation. If you can avoid it during the week, ever better, but try limit your alcohol intake. The body’s ability to break down fat is inhibited when it is forced to deal with alcohol in your system.
  • Quick Bites. Sometimes a drive through or quick takeaway meal is the only thing you can manage when working. Make wise choices. Instead of the Burger and shake, try a healthier option.

  • Packed Lunches. Take 10 minutes in your evening to pack a lunch for your next day. This way you control your meal and leave no room for bad decisions the next day.
  • Out of Sight-Out of Mind. Leave healthy snack options where you can see them around the house, office or in your bag. Snacking on fruit, veggies or low calorie treats will stave off binge and over eating.
  • Make a Friend. Try make fitness fun.  Join a group or get a training partner. So many times its people’s encouragement or the idea of not wanting to let someone down that gets your ass into gear.
  • Use Tech. There are so many apps and tools to help make fitness and losing weight easier. Try some out to see what works for you.


We have a lot of responsibility with 2 babies and so from the time they wake up in the morning we don’t really get a long break apart from them until their afternoon nap. JP naps for a nice long time of about 2-3 hours whereas Jacques will only nap for about and hour at a time. So we have worked out that our afternoon workout will need to happen just over that nap time. Then we will take turns with cardio either in the morning or afternoon while the other looks after the babies. Depending on your responsibilities and commitments you need to work out how you are going to fit a workout program and not fall short on your responsibilities.


To lose fat in a healthy way your caloric intake needs to be in deficit and to ensure that you are losing weight at a healthy rate 1-2 pounds a week – a safe method is – 500 calories in deficit a day.

So the big question is how many calories do I need to eat? Here is a chart to help you figure that out:

Recommended Calorie Intake Chart

To avoid getting the diet blues or having cravings for junk food that you never had before we really recommend you plan your diet carefully. By starving yourself of your favourite foods you could be making your whole diet very difficult and hard to maintain in the long-run. Experts recommend finding natural and low calorie foods and treats that you can substitute for some of your favourite high calorie, unhealthy foods. 

Low Calorie Foods

Flesh out some of your diet meals with some of these low calorie foods above. Some foods like Cauliflower are really low in calories and so you can eat plenty of it.

Mediterranean Diet

Living in Italy we have always preferred the Mediterranean diet and we can see the tremendous benefits it has by living with Italians who seem to maintain very good figures and live to ripe old ages. We are including some of our Mediterranean diet lifestyle into our Challenge diet plan. The Med diet is not for everyone, so find an eating lifestyle or create one that is healthy, low in calories and doesn’t make you super depressed.

There is nothing more depressing than being on a diet and seeing your social life go down the toilet because no one wants to invite you to parties or restaurant get-togethers. Its understandable as I’m sure you’ve had a dinner guest before who had a list of ‘I don’t eats’. So to avoid this Louise and I in past diets would allow ourselves the freedom for the odd cheat! Now I’m not saying go completely crazy once a week and eat like a pig. But if there is a special occasion we’ve never experienced a major set back by eating what we usually would of eaten off diet. BUT!!!! We always make up for cheat by putting in extra cardio time the next day or two to ensure that the extra calories we took in are burnt off.

Many dieticians believe that the odd cheat day can actually help your body lose weight as you body tends to learn your eating patterns and if it sees that you’re dieting and cutting calories it will try to hold on to calories as a protection mechanism. But if you shock it every now and then and take it by surprise, you can keep that sucker guessing!

Claude’s DIET PLAN

Challenge Starting Weight: 89,6kg / 197,5 lbs
Height: 172 cm / 5’7
Recommended Daily Calorie Intake for Sex, Age, Exercise Frequency & Height:  2439
Challenge Daily Calorie Goal: 1566 – 1951

louise’s Diet PLAN

Challenge Starting Weight: 70,9kg / 156 lbs
Height: 169 cm / 5’6
Recommended Daily Calorie Intake for Sex, Age, Exercise Frequency & Height:  2079
Challenge Daily Calorie Goal: 1408 – 1663

*Even though we are sharing the same Meal Plan we will be watching our portions of each meal to ensure that we remain within our Challenge Daily Calories for losing weight.

Something you May have noticed in our Diets

Pre-Workout Snack. If you have time to get creative and put something interesting together – go for it! Time is often a bit short for us this time of the day so we’re just going to stick with the ISO-CUTs for me and Synergy for Louise.

ISO-CUTS / Synergy: These low carb, whey protein supplements are from International Protein. ISO-CUTS is for me and contains caffeine which is why Louise will use Synergy instead. Order yours here: USA
U.K   Europe  Asia  Canada

Wine: As Med diet eaters and of course living in Italy, we enjoy red wine and Prosecco probably a little more frequently than most people. In Italy wine is part of the cuisine and accompanies meals. We enjoy our Italian wine and so we have incorporated a glass on weekend days. 1 bottle of red for Saturday will last us both that evening and the following day. Whereas a Prosecco is more of a binge item – we added one glass for Friday nights.

enrGIsustain Bars. These yummy high protein and fibre and low carb  bars are low glycemic and exactly what a challenge like this calls for! Order yours here

Higher Carbohydrate Days. Three days a week we will eat slightly more carbs than usual as these will help to fuel our 3 major workout days.

Fourie Fitness Smoothie. Check out the Blog in the next couple days for this recipe

Claude’s Sweet Potato Bun Burger. I love my burgers so the thought of giving up on burgers for a diet seems crazy to me. So I’ve come up with a cool low calorie alternative – inspired by Instagram.

Join the Challenge

We are inviting you to join us on our Fitness challenge. Whether you start with us on the 1st of September or months later – the invitation is free and open to anyone all year round!

Apart from the weekly videos on our YouTube channel we will be posting on this blog and sending special giveaways, tips and recipes to people who join the challenge. Subscribe here to the Challenge mailing list to keep informed:


Everybody’s body reacts differently to exercise and diet and so we ask you to please take precautions and listen to your body! The Fourie Fitness Challenge content is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and is not to be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, or course of action. As with all exercise programs, diets and fitness activities you should consult with a medical professional before commencing. By performing any fitness exercises, following any diet you are performing them at your own risk.  The Fourie’s and the Fourie Fitness Challenge will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of any content you may follow or participate in. 

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