Cocobelt GiveAway [Closed]




4 Cocobelts


7 July 2017 – 21 July 2017

To Enter:

  1. Subscribe to FourieFamCam YouTube channel [quick subscribe]
  2. Like & Comment on GiveAway video: [watch video]
  3. Follow the Cocobelt on Instagram: [Instagram]


  1. Must complete all 3 steps above
  2. Winner randomly selected and announced on FourieFamCam Facebook page: 
  3. Once winner is announced, winner has 30 days to claim. If not claimed a new winner will be chosen.


Refer a friend to the GiveAway and get them to mention your name in their comment on the video. This will increase your chances of winning.


Inventor and Owner of Cocobelt, Manon Corts – had this to say about the product:

My son, Colin Corts, was born October 24, 2013. His birth made me the happiest mother on earth.

However, I encountered a problem from the start. Raise Colin while he was in the car seat was very heavy, especially as I faced this problem several times a day. Even on vacation. One day, at the airport, I had the idea to invent a tool that would make it much easier to get around with the car seat. There had to be a solution for me and for all the other parents!

I was so excited and convinced of my idea that I further elaborated. I did some research, I did make models and prototypes I tested and retested. The project was to have a great appearance and also needed a name.

The result is Cocobelt! A fashionable accessory that bears the name of my son, Colin Corts.

I’m sure Cocobelt, as well as all the other little beauties, will become an essential accessory for all (future) parents.

Louise from FourieFamCam wanted to put the Cocobelt to the test by trying it out on various car seats. Watch this video to see what she thinks about the Cocobelt:

“What I really liked about it is that they’ve not only thought about the ergonomics of it and how it can make carrying a car seat so much more comfortable. But they’ve considered the aesthetics appeal and how being a Mom or Dad lugging around a car seat can also look fashionable and stylish.”        Louise Fourie


If you would like to win one of these Cocobelts simply follow the 2 steps above and enter the GiveAway. For those who wish to purchase a Cocobelt click on the Image below:


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